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Xerox Printer Support Phone Number

Billede på bloggen Xerox Printer Support Phone Number   for bloggeren Miker Russel




Miker Russel

27 år - Mand

Quickhelp Tech Support Services

Bloggen blev oprettet d. 18-04-2019
Bloggen har 1 indlæg

Solution 1: Moving of Print Head and Removing of any Ripped Paper

Step 1: Lift the scanner cover by placing both your hands on the both sides under the plastic tabs of the machine

Step 2: Check the position of the Print Head

Xerox Printer Customer Support Phone Number

Step 3: If the print head is in the right corner, hold the Cancel or Stop button until and unless it moves back to the Centre and then unplug your Printer from the AC Power Outlet.

Step 4: Move the print head and take out remaining papers

Step 5: Release the lock by lifting scanner cover. Then gently place back the Scanner cover using both hands.

Step 6: Put the power cord back into the AC power outlet.

If the solution does not work, there is no need to worry. Our Printer Help team has jotted down couple of more steps to clear the paper jam inside the machine.

For more information : https://www.quickhelps.co/phone-number/xerox/

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