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Oprettet 19. May 2017 kl. 04:20
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Players: Wei Zizi handsome instability, need to clarify the plan to the top

According to the "kicker" reported that (visit Buy Rocket League Items) although Wei Zizi is Schalke last summer high prices from Augsburg high price hunt income, and the contract will only expire in 2019, but with a bad performance of the season, and now, his Handsome is not stable. "Kicker" said that after a disappointing season, Weinzier now need to submit to the high-level Schalke plans on the future statement, to convince the team why they can continue to trust him, especially in some players have appeared Do not listen to the instructions of the coach, the team why can continue to believe that he is the coach appropriate candidates, he needs to explain this. Weinzier had previously criticized the team in the public criticism of the weak, and this is said to have caused the team's dissatisfaction.

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