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Oprettet 28. June 2018 kl. 02:12
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there is a psychological dependence on high heels

Bella Hadid is definitely the It Girl who loves this method of wearing, but wear sports shoes will definitely wear balenciaga speed trainer the same color look.In fact, whether short or tall, there is a psychological dependence on high heels. The high heel can not only increase, but also adjust the proportion and lengthen the line. Although Bella is tall, he has a poor body size (short legs). So without the support of high heels, not wearing the same color is definitely a bug. In the same color matching of sports shoes, the same color from head to toe must be even more lean than the same color of the lower body. It is very simple, the bigger the same color area, the smoother the shape, the more pronounced the stretching effect. The popularity of sports shoes is no doubt, but the worry of giving up high-heeled shoes to wear still exists. Is the bottom flat? Explosive money is not cliche? In this issue we will work together to remove the sneakers' fashion obstacles! Not long ago, Mintel, a market research company, had published air max 97 silver bullet a report on women's shoes, and found that sales of sports shoes not only increased rapidly in 2016, but also exceeded the heels for the first time. Whether Emma Roberts, Miroslava Duma, or Sarah Mikaela, they are all recognized small girls. You can only look at the street beat, but they often give people a very tall feeling, even wearing flat-bottomed sports shoes. Today, the trend of sports shoes has become the market demand, Chanel, Gucci and other big brands have also introduced more stylish sports shoes.Coherence with the same color can make the shape look more smooth, let the body have a longitudinal stretching effect, high and thin. As Nike's "Atmosphere" family's face value, Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit "day to night" launched a lot of powder. Transparent air cushions with bright colors, this "day to night" is not only cool, suitable for running, but also a beauty and practical coexistence of sports shoes. Prada launched the new Cloudbust sneakers, the body is made of mesh, the shape is avant-garde and modern, but also with some budding. When wearing sports shoes has become a trend, fairy skirts do not have to match high-heeled shoes, small dress does not have to take Mary Jane, a serious suit also put down the insistence on leather shoes. Especially under the demonstration of supermodels and bloggers, sports shoes have begun to get out of the gym and are increasingly incorporated into everyday fashion.

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