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Oprettet 30. November 2018 kl. 06:11
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The professional manufacturer, Henan Zenith Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in crushing and grinding machinery. Being a leading company in crushing and grinding machinery, we are also a major export base in China. Zenith Mobile Crusher is your best choice.

The result of the final fineness in crushing the limestone by the use of a Aggregate Crushing Machine has been the focus of many customers, so how would we hold the crushing fineness? I specially consult our technical department personnel, the detailed description are as following:

The crushing effect of a jaw crusher in crushing the limestone:

1. As the production capacity of a jaw crusher is about 600 ~ 800t / h, which is 25-40 times of a limestone crusher in crushing capacity. Thus, the jaw crusher is an effective solution to high rate and having no time to maintain caused by low yields of the original limestone crusher operation.

2. The jaw crusher can successfully crush large pieces of limestone. The maximum crushing particle size is about 1000*1200mm, which effectively solve the problem that it is a lack of the original limestone while a large number of large limestone storage which cannot be used.

3. The size of the final particle is small, which is only 2-15mm. Thus, the jaw crusher effectively solves the problem of big size final particle often blocking downpipe and even affects the production per hour of the crushing machinery.

4. The mixture of two materials has good uniformity, which makes the mixing limestone desulfurization capacity greatly improve. The current amount of admixture can reach 60%, which effectively reduces the cost of raw materials and fuels.

5. Power consumption has declined. The power consumption has decreased 1-2KW/t crushing per ton of limestone, which means a saving of $100,000 annual.

6. The labor intensity and the work environment have effectively improved. As the high degree of automation of the limestone jaw crusher, which means people can operate the machine without directly contact with materials. Thus, workers, working conditions greatly improved.

The jaw crushers of Henan Zenith are the crushing equipment series, medium and large jaw crusher is our leading products, such as 900*1200 Jaw Crusher is the crushing equipment of deep cavity and long crushing trip, which will help crushing the material, the production even more compared with similar products. Jaw crusher is mainly used in the medium-size crushing ore and bulk and other materials whose compressive strength is no more than 320Mpa. And the feeding particle size of jaw crusher is about 125mm-750mm. And the yield of jaw crusher is up to 450t/h.

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