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Oprettet 18. April 2019 kl. 07:45
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The Elder Scrolls Blades disk

Its not the issue it has microtransactions. Its a mobile game you practically expect it, but there's also a line between getting too many microtrasactions that I feel this crosses.I had this debate back in the days of $5 reservations at game stores. Dlc was birthed by that. Then preorders. People buying games until they're even finished developing..gave arrival to microtransactions. It is disgusting. The future of gaming looks poor. We called this microtransaction shit years before it started and we called games would turn into $59 base shells and force you to buy all of the guts. That's been going on since xbox 360 was busted charging for dlc that was on The Elder Scrolls Blades disk. It led toward subscription. Todd can ride the Bethesda name that is legendary for such a long time. If he continues on this course, he will find only tragedy awaiting him when the industry is saturated in trash games such as these, and Bethesda becomes less aggressive as a consequence of it. To put it simply: unless the market develops, the player base for these kinds of games is just going to thin out much further than it already has. Bethesda is loved by me and also have faith in Todd's entire vision for the corporation. I just hope he does not forget his roots and push away the people that drove Bethesda to the peaks it could afford to take for granted. The fact you think a game cost millions to make is outside retarded. Millions is much to much, although at most a few hundred thousand. Advertising on interpersonal media is actually pretty cheap, that is why you see a lot of ads for cellular games. The only thing that I can warrant here is the payment of the devs. Legal stuff doesnt count with cellular apps (the way you are speaking of it)? At this point, the abomination called ESB is no more even Pay-to-win, as you essentially need to throw money into stock space AND chests constantly in order to play past a particular level. This is just getting worse as individuals pay into it and establish Bethesda RIGHT for making this dreadful decision.To whoever reads this: If you spend money on microtransactions, then you are hurting the gaming industry and actual gamers that care about equilibrium and fair business practice have zero respect for you. more in:https://www.mmogo.com/Esom/Gold.html

1 kommentar

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15. April 2019 kl. 07:26

Mobile gaming is far more profitable than just making games for PC and games console. Knowing that, which do you believe companies who's sole objective is to earn as much cash are likely to focus on? Okay from what I've gathered, so you have not played The Elder Scrolls Blades yourself therefore I don't think you could say much about The Elder Scrolls Blades. I have played The Elder Scrolls Blades and I am now lvl 19, my experience has been very different from what you have shared dependent on what you've read on Reddit and heard from Camel. This became much more lengthy than I had intended but in case you have some time please give it a read.

The problem here is the silver chest is extremely common (the payoff for most jobs) so now I've 6 gold chests and 24 silver chests (I'd utilize gems for more distance when I didn't know better) meaning that I can only open one chest every 3 hours throughout the day and then when I go to bed I get to start a golden one. I don't like without having the rewards from it so I would need to play just like 10 mins each 3 hours doing tasks.

I've gotten to the point where I don't really care about silver mines anymore but there's a problem whenever I get a pursuit that provides a golden torso or higher and that is that my torso storage is capped so whenever I get one I would have to cover to open it straight, cover more torso space or give the torso up. I would like to give up a silver chest for the golden chest but I can't, because you can't discard chests. I would like a option to sell or discard chests. So you could either collect up a wood chests to start in between the silver chests and decreasing the silver chest timer into 1 hour from 3 hours would be quite ideal.

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