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Oprettet 20. April 2019 kl. 07:08
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when you take a rest from Fortnite

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20. April 2019 kl. 07:06

It couldn't be further from the experience of taking a break. The messaging around Black Armory is basically that only good Destiny 2 grinders receive toys.

And the year-1 allure to the casual players didn't make much sense: things such as removing interesting armor perks and high-end rewards, nuking player freedom and allowing you to hit the level cap in a matter of seconds. Those things managed to dampen the delight of hardcore players more than they managed to increase less-hardcore players' pleasure.

Bungie should think about that feeling you get when you take a rest from Fortnite and return to a veritable Christmas tree full of new stuff to play , and think about how it could work to bring a part of that excitement to its own game.

In the event of Black Armory, the solution seems frustratingly simpleto raise the soft cap to 600, meaning that it is quick and easy for any player to get up to the degree required to start engaging with new content, but it will still take some grind to be able to finish new endgame content such as the raid. High-end players will still be sitting in a far better version of the 600 with a wide assortment of powerful weapons and synergistic loadouts, although others will probably at least be able to get some of the material they've paid $35 for.

That feels just like the solution in this example, but it is more of a general problem than that. Bungie has spent the past year bringing back those hardcore elements that the most intense grinders liked about the first Destiny, and it has been a wild success. But with Black Armory, in particular, it feels like it has done that in the cost of everybody. And that is the tightrope that Bungie must walk.

more in:https://www.mmogo.com/Fortnite/Items.html

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