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Oprettet 11. October 2019 kl. 03:31
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As an The Elder Scrolls fan

1 kommentar

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11. October 2019 kl. 03:32

Its laughable little care, money and time Bethesda invests in their titles. Howard is as trendy as he needs also amongst fans that are still loyal but the standing of this company was damaged beyond repair. If The Elder Scrolls 6 is anything besides"game of the year" caliber they won't actually recover. Cant think they decided on a cash grab to self destruct. Now this isn't Howards fault naturally. Had fo76 never came out I may have preordered a 1,000$ variant of The Elder Scrolls 6. Now though I will wait before it is purchased by me, following its launched.

I am looking forward to it too... either they'll do a good (or passable) job (As an The Elder Scrolls fan, I would probably take a fair product at least till I get tired of this grind when the issue gets slanted toward an excessive quantity of monetization)... OR it's dreadful and we can all laugh at their face rather than cleaning up their act after The Elder Scrolls.It'll be open season on all added Bethesda products when the following two games that they send are awful. The Bethesda community is more pliable, but a lot of people are smart enough to understand if we've been scammed.

They could say"do not expect a conventional The Elder Scrolls experience" all they want, but there's only an expectation that comes alongside the license. However, they can not simply call it something new, then it wouldn't have the brand awareness of The Elder Scrolls, which is understandable. I'm looking ahead to see whether it is a quality product.

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