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Oprettet 25. November 2019 kl. 03:14
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A question to some of those Dofus retro team

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25. November 2019 kl. 03:14

Like someone previously said: the interesting factor is the most important, especially in Dofus sport where you can spent a long time doing articles on a single char. At a preceding guild I was in I had somebody playing mp reduction eni and he had rather a succesful and enjoyable time, however it was not meta, not optimal, and compare to other courses which specialize in mp red/damage he could not stand the contrast. I never noticed him kicked out of dungeon celebration or whatever due to his optimal build: he enjoyed his encounter and knew how to play with his build efficently.

And last but not least: meta changes continualy, what is FOTM now may become the black sheep of tomorrow (godly chance eca of pre summer patch may tell a lot about this...). I know not enjoying a course"that sucks" can also be part of the fun you can have with your class, but as long as you work well and have no trouble pvm shrewd, I would say you are fine.I'd say that present Osa is doing good. My friend is enjoying int osa, lvl 150 and coping 3x500 from black dragon frequently. Heals are also adequate. Chance osa deals dmg than that. It is just that osa turns are long and that's why some folks do not enjoy them in teams. But they are a class that is decent.

A question to some of those Dofus retro team.I saw and I understand that the restriction of using the motor around Dofus 1.29, but don't know the actual limitations. Can spell be changed in Dofus retro (just like not just the numbers, but fresh spell, like not having 4 differents spells for exposure for your panda). Will new dungeons be present in Dofus decoration? I don't know if it would be easy to replicate the animation of those known mobs of 2.X or it was all created on the new engine, making it essentially like beginning from scratch (except the dungeons design).

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MLB 19

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