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Oprettet 27. November 2019 kl. 03:30
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Diablo IV is a few decades

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27. November 2019 kl. 03:29

Diablo IV is a few decades after the next installment of the series while the world has not recovered by the death angel Malthael's extermination campaign. A lot of men and women reside in distress and despair as a dark cult awakens in the depths of the world the dreadful Lilith, daughter of Mephisto, creator of the world of Sanctuary and Queen of Manipulation. Her invocation at the game's cinematic takes with her the pillars of the bloody and dark direction of the suite.

If Diablo IV pulls his main inspirations he also wants to redefine the best way. The card eliminates its limits and turns into a open world to proceed without any loading time. Players will evolve with no barrier through five distinct regions with atmospheres. To support this attribute, the game's effort becomes non-linear and will roll out its scenario as the player moves on the map. The playable demo during this BlizzCon confirms the existence of levels to the map, together with various dungeons to walk in the area introduced, one recommended from level 22, another more suited to par 25.

No access restrictions However, we did not obstruct our adventuresome outbursts also it was with total freedom of action that we explored every corner of the area. Blizzard nevertheless wishes to keep a strong sense of progression and take care of the player's sense of power.

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