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Oprettet 3. December 2019 kl. 06:36
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The health benefits of infrared saunas are comparable

While features and specifications can vary widely, here are a few things to look for in an infrared sauna: • Light or white-colored wood construction • Comfortable seating • Sufficient light for reading, but # not so bright as to be glaring • Easy installation and secure joining of panels and seams • Infrared heaters made with true ceramic infrared lamps rather than steel rods covered with a ceramic coating • Lifetime warranty on infrared heaters 

Local maintenance and repair services • Size and shape to suit your needs and your available space • Overall quality construction that does not appear flimsy or misaligned Infrared saunas are extremely popular alternatives to traditional saunas, providing substantial benefit to regular users and making the sauna experience accessible to a wider range of people. How do Infrared Saunas Work? Infrared saunas work using infrared heaters to convert light directly to heat.

How does the Infrared Sauna Compare to a Traditional Sauna? We have already talked about some of the differences between infrared saunas and traditional saunas, so let's look at a few more comparisons as well.Infrared saunas are a revolutionary step in sauna technology, and one that can generate strong opinions among sauna enthusiasts. Far-infrared radiant (FIR) heat is often confused with ultraviolet (UV) radiation because both types of energy are present in the sun's rays. Cost, Installation and Maintenance Generally speaking, infrared saunas are less expensive, easier to install, and require less maintenance than traditional saunas. The health benefits of infrared saunas are comparable to those of traditional saunas

While basic heaters bring a sauna up to temperature fairly quickly, they struggle a bit to keep the air and the stones at the correct temperature in some circumstances. In the case of a wall mounted electric heater, the thermostat is usually located toward the bottom of the heater itself so it does not measure air temperature within the sauna with a great deal of accuracy.




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