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Oprettet 14. February 2020 kl. 01:08
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You can even rewind the content

Although Live T.V pause feature is useful still sometimes it does not work High-temperature sterilizer accurately, due to which you are not able to resume the Live T.V content. Thus here are some troubleshooting steps that will guide you in resolving this issue with Live T.V.Live T.V pause feature adds to the joy of watching Live shows as you can Pause the content if you need to do any other work in between like open a door, attend any phone call, etc. You can even rewind the content is you want to watch any seen again. According to default settings, you can Pause or rewind the content up to 90 minutes. If you keep the video to “Pause” for more than 90 minutes, then it will automatically start playing after the completion of the default Pause time.Now the problem occurs at times when you try to play back the Paused video, and it doesn't play, or the screen goes black. Thus the situation becomes annoying, and you feel helpless to deal with this problem. Slow internet connection, use of insufficient storage drive, loose power wire, etc. might be the reason behind this issue. That is why here we have a solution for this, and you just need to go through the following Roku help procedure to work on this problem.Steps to solve the black screen issue while using Pause feature on Roku Live T.V: Ensure you are receiving a good internet speed: The speed of internet keeps varying with time due to the change in the bandwidth of speed from the service provider. So you always need to keep a check on the signal strength of your internet connection. If you are using a hard-wired connection, then the ethernet wire should be tightly plugged into your device and the Router. You can power cycle the Router to boost the speed of your internet. To power cycle, the Router, pull out the power wire and plug in back the power wire after waiting for 20-30 seconds. If you are using a wireless internet connection then ensure are within the range of your wireless network. Try to disconnect from your Wi-Fi and then connect back again after 5-10 seconds, doing this might increase the speed of your Internet. Make sure your USB drive has adequate space: You should check the USB drive to ensure it has enough space for smoothly buffering, and recording live shows without any error. If you find any problem with the drive, then replace it with a new one or format it and try to reuse it.Performing these checks and troubleshooting might resolve your black screen issue with Live T.V but still if you find any problem in addressing the issue then you can get www Roku com support. Just Can Seamer contact Roku professionals.Now we will discuss the solution for a situation when we are not able to play back the Paused live T.V content. So just perform the following steps to solve the problem:Open the “Settings” menu and follow any one of the bellow mentioned procedures: Go to an option for “System” and make sure the Antenna T.V is not power “On.” Go to the option for “ScreenSaver.” Click on Wait time and then Disable the screensaver.So these were few steps to overcome the problem with Pause feature of Roku Live T.V. Hope the content proved to be useful to you. Also, visit www Roku Com link for any other issues related to Roku.

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