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Oprettet 14. February 2020 kl. 03:10
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Strengthen the heat dissipation of the bottom of the bottle

Make sure that the delay plastic bottle mold factory the start of stretching to the time of blowing 1 before entering is not too long.


Cause: The bottle is overheated, causing recrystallization inside or outside the bottle preform, causing the bottle to burst

Solution: 1. Stretching time is too long 2. Lower the position of the cooling plate

Uneven section weight (excessive neck weight)

Reasons: 1. The stretching rod gradually becomes colder from the bottom to the top. The material is very thin and the cooling speeds up.

Solution: 1. Adjust the position of the hot spot to solve the preform body

2.Adjust the position of the cooling plate

Eccentric bottom

Reasons: 1. Conveying and correcting problems 2. The back door is not concentric with the bottle

Solution: 1. Adjust the preform mold conveying and alignment. 2. The tension rod pressure setting is too low.

3. The pressure of blowing bottle 1 is too high and too early 4. The adjustment of the stretching rod cushion is not suitable.

pearlescent-foot hair

Reason: The root cause is cold bottles. The direct result of stretching beyond the natural stretching limit is actually the perimeter structure of the bottle being stretched

Tear, the tear point formed by reflection becomes visible pearl.

Solution: 1. Make sure that the bottom of the bottle is located in the center 2. Reduce the speed of the blow molding machine 3. Blow air 1 The air intake is late, the stretch rod and the preform are stretched

Too much contact.

the bottom gap is out of tolerance

Reason: Exceeded natural stretching limit

Solution: 1. Strengthen the heat dissipation of the bottom of the bottle 2. Heat and cool the overall preform, and bring different temperatures from the sides around it 3

3.Ensure that the mold cooling water circulates normally

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