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Oprettet 19. February 2020 kl. 02:05
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the RNG is a Dofus game killer

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19. February 2020 kl. 02:05

As with any CCG, the RNG is a Dofus game killer. Just like any CCG you want to build your own custom made deck, although the decks are okay. The deck builder is good for stats on your own deck, like how many two AP cards you have, etc., it will not hold your hand with constructing a deck like any other CCG's do. There is of course an in Dofus game shop for buying packs of cards. Ranging from 60 Kama for a bronze package up to 200 Kama to get a Gold pack each with 5 cards with at least one uncommon or better based on the package purchased. 100 Kama USD.

So you are ready to play and have your cards . Time to discuss the tower defense component of Krosmaga. The playing field is composed of five lanes with each lane equaling eight spaces. At the end of each lane there is a Dofus belonging to every God. Three are actual, two are fakes with every Dofus having five HP. You win Dofus by destroying two of your competitor's Dofuses. While ruining a fake Dofus lets you spawn a distance higher.You summon your heroes with your own cards and they go on their merry way near the end of the lane. It sounds easy, but it might get intense as just two Dofus players fight it out with personalities and spells.

There are five different play modes available. There's Dungeons, ranked, unranked, training and Draft. Coaching, unranked and ranked are just like you'd expect in an internet Dofus game. Dungeons are particular rule set Dofus games that may be performed by paying Kama to enter them. Publish allows you build a deck and battle until you were defeated three times. Each victory in draft increases your winning, which you can increase more so by gambling on yourself.Dofus also includes quests you can work on to get card packs and Karma as well as the Kromis Roulette which you receive a token for when you log in for the day. Overall Dofus can be quite fun if you like the art style of Wakfu and watching the various characters as cards from Dofus. But it felt like there needs to balancing all on cards in addition to the capability to gain Kama to purchase without spending real cash money more cards is hampered.

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