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Oprettet 21. February 2020 kl. 01:48
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With this type of pad

To sleep comfortably at night, most people need to have some sort of cushioning. You'd be lucky to get any sleep at all if you try to sleep on the hard ground especially if you're new or haven't been sleeping hard for some time. You can harden your body by sleeping on the floor at home before the trip or you can use a camping mattress. Before self inflating 4WD mats you go out shopping for camping mattresses, you should know what size you want it to be, depending on your height. Unless you want to carry extra weight choose a camping mat that is just about your size. If you can't that is just about your size, you can cut off the extras unless it is an inflatable mattress. You also need to determine what are going going to use it for, whether car camping/music festivals or backpacking.

Comfort almost always comes with extra weight but sometimes weight doesn't need to be considered much.Backpackers need to balance between weight and comfort when choosing a camping mat. But sometimes it's worth carrying a little bit of extra weight so that you can sleep well at night. At least you'll feel more refreshed in the morning. Other than cushioning, a camping mat also provides insulation for the cold ground. Sleeping bag makers assume that the user is using a mat when they rate a sleeping bag. Some pads can be used as a frame for your backpack.There are two types of camping mats:Foam Mats An example of a foam pad is the exercise mat. They're lightweight and very cheap.

At only four ounces, some a bit more, some less, this is a favorite among ultralight backpackers. They're not known for comfort but has the best warmth-to-weight ratio. With this type of pad you don't need to worry about punctures so it's very reliable.Inflatable MattressAnything pad that uses air to make it bigger can be considered an inflatable mattress and this includes self-inflating pads and air mattresses. It's much heavier but also much more comfortable than the best foam pads. You have to be careful though, especially with cheap inflatables, because they can puncture if you're not careful.Purpose of Ground SheetsA ground sheet is commonly used to keep dirt and moisture away from your sleeping bag and pad. To protect your inflatable mattress from punctures, first make sure the ground is clear of anything sharp and use a durable ground sheet as a base. Ground sheets can be as light as 3 ounces but as an alternative, you can use your poncho.

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