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Experimental animals and experimental animal facilities

If necessary, perform Shaoxing ShangYu Mingji Plastic Co., Ltd vaccination and serological examinations on workers exposed to harmful microorganisms at work, and establish a reference sample library. Selection of biological safety cabinets: Biological safety cabinets are one of the effective means to prevent aerosol diffusion. How to choose a suitable biological safety cabinet is crucial.

The "Technical Specifications for the Construction of Biosafety Laboratories" clearly stipulates that when handling the first, second and third class pathogens, the protection level is ABSL-2,3,4, and the test operation needs to be performed in a biological safety cabinet to To achieve the purpose of protection. 02Secondary barrier laboratory construction and protection: According to the General Requirements for Laboratory Biosafety, animal biosafety laboratories are classified into 4 categories: Class I Animal Biosafety Laboratory (ABSL-1), Class II Animal Biosafety Laboratory ( ABSL-2), Level 3 Animal Biosafety Laboratory (ABSL-3), Level 4 Animal Biosafety Laboratory (ABSL-4).

The protection level is increased one by one. Different laboratories have different construction requirements, such as ABSL-3, ABSL-4 requires the laboratory to be a negative pressure structure; ABSL-4 needs to increase the passage for animals to enter. According to "Experimental Animal Environment and Facilities", in addition to the general building requirements of animal biosafety laboratories (such as the setting of the front zone, production zone, animal experiment zone, and auxiliary zone, as shown in the figure), the following points need to be noted: 1) Sewage, waste and animal carcasses a.

Experimental animals and experimental animal facilities should have relatively independent primary sewage treatment equipment or septic tanks, animal manure and urine, cage washing water, waste disinfectant, experiments Waste water such as waste test solution should be treated and discharged after meeting the requirements of Class 8 Class 1 GB 8978 standard. b.

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