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Oprettet 25. February 2020 kl. 02:22
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Paper bags customization project is still better

It is an important cufflink-box to occupy the market. In fact, there are always more methods than problems. The two only deal with the remedy and subsequent vision solutions that do not find the shirt and card manufacturer in advance, and they are not the optimal solution. Of course, there are many solutions. For example, methods such as off-site production are also possible, but considering the upcoming logistics The pressure wave is not a detailed inventory as one of the methods

The industry's parcels have been divided into a lot. To sum up, in fact, the underpants and paper bag manufacturers have little need for their own expansion, but the paper is subject to new regulations, the need for raw materials for logistics parcels, and the sensitivity of the holiday gathering at the end of the year. During the period, there are 3 main reasons for bearing soaring paper prices

Production standards, but in this very period, not only shirt box manufacturers will have demand for these materials, because of their own material factors, the need to cooperate with other manufacturers leads to the tragedy of poor quality, so in order to reduce these problems In many cases, the solution of many shirt box manufacturers is generally to select customers for screening. It is more efficient to let the small partners choose all their own materials for production as much as possible, so the schedule is full at this time. In this case, it is difficult to avoid picking.

Process production requirements are generally above 5,000, which means that if the number is less than these intervals, the machine will not be able to continue production, because the machine that has been warmed up before and has no material continues to produce. The loss to the body is very huge, so in this case, in order to support the body, the amount is small The trousers and paper bags customization project is still better by traditional manual stickers, but the production cost of manual handbags is not low, so many manual parts are now relatively simple to attach a hand rope and folding , So the cost will be more in line with everyone's level of thrift

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