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Oprettet 4. March 2020 kl. 01:52
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Organic vapor condenses in the pump cavity

Replace the starting capacitor. In case of inhaling a large amount of liquid and causing the parts to rust, first replace the rocker connecting rod set to restore the machine to normal function. Possible causes of insufficient vacuum: a. It is recommended to use the SB-G10 model, which is also a corrosion-resistant material, to block and recover the back suction pump or the liquid that has not condensed in time.

Possible reasons for failure to start: a. After long-term use, the PTFE valve The film is aging and insufficient in elasticity, so that it cannot be properly sealed when it needs to be closed.

Check the valve and pipeline connection, including the pipeline on the pump head, whether there are obvious cracks, unsealed problems, and confirm that there is no leakage. Solution: a. You can use a Phillips screwdriver to disassemble the square module on the pump head, inspect the diaphragm and the concave air cavity, clean it (can be properly cleaned with alcohol, etc. Secondly, a buffer bottle should be added to the front of the corrosion-resistant diaphragm pump. b. Turn the vacuum regulator to adjust the vacuum to the required vacuum.) and assemble it as it is, and test the machine; if the diaphragm is Deformation is severe and may need to be replaced (should contact your dealer or service representative). c.

The starting capacitor ages.Common problems and solutions in laboratory chemical corrosion-resistant diaphragm vacuum pumps: 1. c. Solution: a. Organic vapor condenses in the pump cavity, draws liquid, and gas reacts with air in the pump cavity to form a liquid (such as chlorine), causing the diaphragm to stick; b.

Replace the PTFE valve air sheet (if replacement is required, please contact the dealer to provide or replace). Models equipped with a CH-VR corrosion-resistant vacuum regulating valve, which has a rotatable bottom The knob, which is the regulating valve, may not be tightened (CH300 / CH400 / CH410 laboratory chemical resistant diaphragm vacuum pump is optional, CH411 is equipped laboratory manufacturers with a corrosion resistant vacuum regulating valve and buffer bottle as standard); c. 2. b

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