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Oprettet 9. March 2020 kl. 02:52
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A unique numerical control algorithm is used to obtain the speed

DC brushless motor driver and stepper motor driver facilitate the interface to realize the control of the winding motor, overfeed motor and tension compensation motor; it has the function of empty tube diameter calibration; a variety of real-time parameters display, such as the actual line speed, the yarn cone diameter,

Reciprocating frequency, etc .; Various fault protection measures, such as abnormal parameters, motor overspeed, travel range error, hardware failure, etc .; real-time working parameters have power-down protection functions, such as winding length, winding diameter, etc .; traverse servo motor control Introduction In order to ensure that the yarn package has good dyeing performance, it is necessary to wind from the beginning to any diameter point between the full packages. Not parallel, ensure that each yarn is no overlap, that is required for the winding of the bobbin than be precisely controlled. The so-called winding ratio is the number of windings of the yarn drum for each reciprocation of the traverse guide hook.

There are three forms of cross winding: traditional slot winding (arbitrary winding), constant winding ratio precision winding, and NC layered winding. This solution mainly realizes constant winding ratio precision cross winding and NC layered winding. Wind up two functions. In order to achieve precise cross winding, the 'single spindle control driver' calculates its real-time speed by collecting the pulse signals of the winding motor feedback encoder in real time.

According to the precise winding process requirements, a unique numerical control algorithm is used to obtain the speed reference of the traverse servo motor. Instructions to ensure that the speed of the traverse servo motor and the speed of the winding motor maintain a certain relationship according to the definition of the winding ratio, so that the yarn is wound around the bobbin in the shape of a space spiral. Through precise control of the winding ratio, the reciprocating yarns cross each other and do not overlap, that is to say, electronic gears and electronic cams are used instead of mechanical gears and cam drives to achieve precise winding of the bobbin.


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