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Oprettet 11. March 2020 kl. 01:45
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Credibility of tenants in the building and even worry about the safety

1) Installation and disassembly: prepare a special installation and disassembly plan in advance, and submit it to the competent department of the unit, the supervision and other relevant departments for approval, and then implement it by a professional team with the appropriate qualifications. 2)

Elevator driver holding a certificate to work, check the brakes, limit devices, cage doors, protective doors and other electrical devices before each shift, and confirm the sensitivity and reliability before starting to use, supervise the loading situation during use, overload is strictly prohibited , Keep a good record of the transfer when you transfer. 3) A protective shed is set up at the entrance and exit of the hanging cage according to the regulations, and it is covered with double-layer scaffolding, and protective safety doors are installed on the floor discharge openings.

Vertical transportation is very important for high-rise or super high-rise buildings, and the higher the floor, the greater the need for fast and effective vertical transportation services. Among the factors that affect the quality of elevator service, the location of the elevator is one of the most important factors. If people entering the building (tenants and their employees, visitors) need to walk a long distance to enter the elevator room after entering from the main entrance, After getting out of the elevator, it takes a long way to get to the place he wants to go, and it will leave a very bad impression on people, which will affect the attractiveness of the building.

The condition of the Huzhou Fuji Elevator Co.,Ltd. elevator entrance and the interior of the elevator will also affect the attractiveness of the office building as a whole. An elevator needs adequate lighting, proper ceiling decoration, easy-to-recognize elevator control symbols, and good maintenance of the ground inside the elevator. In order to make the space in the elevator more spacious, it is very helpful to install a mirror or other reflective materials on the rear wall in the elevator. Elevated maintenance of elevators often makes customers in elevators doubt the credibility of tenants in the building and even worry about the safety of elevators.


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