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Oprettet 13. March 2020 kl. 02:57
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It should be professional to restore the design draft

The necessary price for window opening is definitely a new set of knife-shaped beer plates. The size of the window determines the amount of recycling. The price of the knife mold itself will not be particularly large. That knife mold can be correctly valued and the shape is consistent. First of all, why do you say that the price and cost will fluctuate after opening the window, but the fluctuation is unpredictable because of several reasons: 1. I have seen a hard power once. 2. If the watch box factory makes a box with a window opening process, what will the price and cost be different?

This is the key to the problem. type.At present, the packaging box manufacturers on the market have not found a useful drawer box as a customized design of the mobile phone box, because this design draft can be easily rejected by the carton packaging factory, and the mobile phone box designer of the merchant itself This box should not come out casually, the following editor will analyze why this is the case

It's funny. It sounds like they are sure that there is no problem when they pat their chests. In the past, the paper bag factory introduced a lot of shirts and paper bags to everyone in the process of customizing the manual efficiency and mechanized fully automatic. The handbags they make are always a little flawed. Intermediate products need to be taken out manually and mechanized. Then, It is easy to cause a cooperation opportunity to be lost by giving this manufacturer an impression that the technology is not enough. It should be done by mechanical rules. It should be professional to restore the design draft without deviation. The more the behavior of packing tickets is dismissed, the real level of a manufacturer is seen clearly

If you choose a white kraft Metal Boxes Manufacturers tag for customization, it can only be used as the card itself, not for mounting paper. Or, in other words, highly adaptable paper, we still need to import white kraft paper from abroad for tag production in order to complete some high-specification custom tag printing tasks, that is, according to design drawings and production requirements, we Can know the cost of white leather is actually expensive

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china plastic case box factory

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