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Diverse breeds and strains need to use the experimental direction

The inverted microscope needs the help of an inverted microscope. When performing cell manipulation experiments, it needs to be performed under 100-level air, then we need to purchase Can provide a class of ultra-clean workbench or biological safety cabinet. The conversion formula of centrifuge speed and relative centrifugal force is: RCF = 11. Laboratory high-speed refrigerated centrifuge sample preparation equipment 3H16RI Next we will focus on the centrifuge: Centrifuge: Centrifugation is the basic means for studying such as the nucleus, mitochondria, Golgi, lysosomes and microsomes, as well as various macromolecules. Security. 5. Centrifugal technology is an indispensable physical technical means for studying the structure and function of living things.

Hesi Molecular Biology Laboratory Desktop Low Speed ​​Centrifuge TDZ57, cryogenic refrigerator cells need to be stored at -70 to -80 degrees overnight before being placed in liquid nitrogen tanks, so a cryogenic refrigerator is required. Because various materials have differences in precipitation coefficient, buoyancy, and mass, they can be separated, purified, and concentrated using a powerful centrifugal force field. ② Low-speed refrigerated centrifuge: mainly used for the precipitation and collection of cells, cell nuclei, cell membranes and bacteria. The sterilization conditions are generally 121 ° C for 20 to 30 minutes. 3. Guarantee biosecurity.Biology laboratory routine equipment introduction: 1. 12. Ultra-speed centrifuge: The maximum speed is 30000 r / min. 2. Various consumables required for cell culture.

The ideal model for hepatobiliary surgery research. Among them, 16 used rats as experimental animals, and rats undoubtedly became the second experimental animals. It belongs to mammals, rodents, rodents, and rat genus in zoology. Clear quality standards for infection The disease resistance is strong; 4. Diverse breeds and strains need to use the experimental direction of rats 1. It is the preferred rat model for studying liver regeneration and liver metabolism

All the cryotubes can know the exact content; synthetic media can be based on experimental purposes Can be divided into the following three types. ● Natural medium: It is derived from animal body fluid or tissue separation and extraction. Mater methods, 2013. Natural media has gradually been replaced by synthetic media.合成 The variety and convenience of synthetic culture media on the market has become the most widely used standardized commodity

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