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Oprettet 25. March 2020 kl. 02:36
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A higher level of automation and production accuracy

It is easier to upgrade the product using an embedded computer than a single-chip microcomputer; 2. The product is bound to produce higher quality products; 3, the technology of embedded products is becoming more mature, and the cost is gradually reduced; currently, embedded computers are used on models such as draw frames, embroidery machines, jacquard machines, and roving frames. For this reason, we made a simplified board SX-340 completely according to the customer's requirements during production. Edit: He Shiping. In this way, customers reduce costs and improve stability on the one hand. These new products are mainly upgrades of previous products. The use of embedded products is mainly due to the following: 1

China's textile industry is the world's largest textile industry cluster. Provide network solutions from the device driver control layer to the workshop application management layer, fully support mainstream network communication protocols such as EtherNet, DeviceNet, CanOpen, etc. The following briefly introduces Delta's network products: 4.. If the TCP / IP protocol family is further adopted, it is expressed by 'Ethernet + TCP / IP'. (8) Support quality traceability function to improve product quality.1EtherNet Ethernet products DVPEN01-SL: TCP / IP master module; DVPENA01-MOD: TCP / IP to RS485 module; RTU-EN01: Ethernet remote module.

. The customer only needs one LCD interface and one 8M DOC for jacquard. binding wire calculation The motherboard integrated 8M DOC, LCD interface on the board, and other interfaces were not done. As a professional embedded motherboard research and development manufacturer, we have produced ODM for this customer: SX-340 is a very highly integrated product. However, with the development of new textile products, more and more manufacturers apply embedded products to textile machinery. It integrates three serial ports, one parallel port, one network interface, and 16 GPIOs on the board. For example, on a jacquard machine of a textile machine in Hangzhou, SX-340 products are used. Embedded computers have higher integration and lower power consumption, which greatly improves stability and high quality.In the past, traditional textile machinery was controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. , With a higher level of automation and production accuracy

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binding wire manufacturers

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