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Oprettet 25. March 2020 kl. 03:45
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There are a lot people giving us all types of answers

There are a lot people giving us all types of answers to this question. In most cases the information is coming from a well oiled selling machine on French fries production line manufacturers late night TV. I personally have heard all kinds of theories, from your just getting older, therefore your metabolism is slowing down, its just harder now. To, you need to go on a strict reduced calorie diet and workout like crazy to keep it off.The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of industries banking on you not achieving permanent weight loss. Think about it, to keep the fade diet industry going we have to continue to yo-yo with our weight. If you lose it for good they will have to find something else to do. We know that being over weight is a undisputed trigger for increasing your chance of getting all kinds of diseases; which puts you in line for the pharmaceutical industry to collect there share from your blood pressure, cholesterol and every other kind of pill you can think of. Have you heard some of the side effects of these drugs on the commercials?The Real Reason You have Not Achieved Permanent Weight LossI have heard those in the holistic and vegan communities mention the importance of the health of the intestines, bowels and colon.It is well know by health professionals and nutrition professionals alike that because of the lack of fiber and other ingredients that eating real live food provides, people all over the world, especially the western world, are walking around with loads of toxins, parasites that live and breed inside us and large amounts of old hardened fecal matter.I know it is gross, but try to turn off your gag reflex for a minute and think about this. All the things mentioned above are literally not only preventing us from losing weight but set up the perfect atmosphere for diseases to grow in our bodies. This makes sense big time in my opinion I am around 50 and stay in pretty good shape but I have friends and love ones that are over weight and starting to get some of these diseases. They all start with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.How Can You Get This Permanent Weight Loss?Get more information and take action! If you want to do something about the current health care crisis, here is your chance. Stay healthy! Just check it out and see if it rings true for you like it did for me.I am on the way to being parasite free as we speak. No more struggling with that last 10 pounds or trying to flatten the old tummy. You have to do something. Ask yourself, where will your relationships with your loved ones be without your health? I have had this conversation with my wife. One of the strongest expressions of love we can show is to take care of ourselves the best we can in order to live as long and strong as we can for ourselves and to be around for our loved ones.If the content in this article somehow does not apply to you, I know that it does apply to someone you love. We can all be more healthy to experience a better life with the ones we love.

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