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Oprettet 26. March 2020 kl. 02:21
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The alkaline lotion is used to wash oily instruments

Laboratory lotion preparation method! The washing liquid is referred to as washing liquid, and there are various washing liquids according to different requirements. , Should be used with care. Chromium has carcinogenic effects, so be very careful when preparing and using lotions. Decontamination liquids often used in food inspection are: 1% or 5% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCL) solution, 20% HNO3 and 2% KMnO4 solution. ⒍


For decontamination testing of carcinogenic chemicals, in order to prevent damage to the human body, before washing, use decontamination liquids that have a destructive and decomposing effect on these carcinogens, and then wash them. It is located in Zaojia Street, Fengtai District, which is full of Beijing enterprises. TIPS for washing the instrument in the usual way: When washing the instrument, first wash your hands with soap to prevent the oil on your hands from attaching to the instrument, which will increase the difficulty of washing.

After taking out, pipette tips manufacturers it should be washed thoroughly with tap water 7-10 times, and finally rinsed with pure water 3 times. If the water droplets can still be caught, they still need to be washed again. If the instrument is stored for a long time with dust, rinse it with water first, and then use a detergent to scrub or wash as required. It will corrode the pool and the sewer for a long time. The former method: take 100 g of potassium hydroxide, dissolve it with 50 ml of water, and then add industrial ethanol to 1 L. For example, toluene, xylene, gasoline, etc., Ltd. The particularity of the instrument, rinse the instrument with water will not wash off. Beijing Biobw Biotechnology Co. Latex gloves and micro syringes contaminated with benzo (a) pyrene can be soaked in 2% KMnO4 solution for 2 hours, and then washed. ⒉

Alkaline lotion The alkaline lotion is used to wash oily instruments. Soap washing liquid, alkaline washing liquid, synthetic detergent washing liquid: Prepare a certain concentration, is the most commonly used detergent, soap, soap liquid, washing powder, decontamination powder, for instruments that can be directly brushed with a brush, such as beakers, Triangular bottles, reagent bottles, etc . However, the use of organic solvents as a lotion is a big waste, and large equipment that can be washed with a brush uses an alkaline lotion as much as possible

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