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Oprettet 10. April 2020 kl. 04:27
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The CCK-8 method has low cytotoxicity and can be reused

After adding WST-1 to develop color, you can repeatedly read the plate with a microplate reader at different times, making the detection time more flexible and the experimental results more stable. Currently the most widely used method is based on firefly luciferase (which catalyzes the oxidation of luciferin and consumes ATP. Enzyme-linked immunoassay is used to directly detect the absorbance, so it is faster, easier and more sensitive than MTT method.

It can be reduced by living cells to form a water-soluble orange formazan product, without forming particles. The detection principle is similar to WST-1, but it is more stable, more sensitive, more soluble, and easier to store than WST-1. (3) Internal salt method (MTS): MTS is a new type of MTT analog. Detecting ATP content ATP is the direct source of cell energy. Enhanced label detection Proliferating cells specifically express certain specific proteins, using special features

To identify these centrifuge tube suppliers cells. Reflects ATP content in cells. However, XTT aqueous solution is unstable and needs to be stored at low temperature. (6) Alma blue method: Alma blue detection reagent provides a simple, fast, reliable and safe method for cell proliferation and cytotoxicity detection. Available enzymes Standard instrument detection. CFSE releases fluorescent substances. has its own cell line plate, which is the center for providing cell lines, which specializes in providing low generation, short cycle,

Cell lines with good viability. Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) can dissolve formazan in cells, and its light absorption value is measured with an enzyme-linked immunoassay analyzer, which can indirectly reflect the number of living cells. The CCK-8 method has low cytotoxicity and can be reused after cell detection. It has better practicability, can replace the MTT method, and has good application prospects. Second, formazan produced by WST-1 is more soluble than formazan produced by XTT and MTS. We have a good and stable long-term cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign research units, biomedicine, third-party testing institutions, and scientific research institutes! Welcome customers to contact us! Http://www. Therefore, MTT is mainly used as an endpoint detection method

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