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Oprettet 10. April 2020 kl. 04:51
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I still feel uneasy and can take further action

We all know that the technology used by paper box manufacturers on paper gift boxes includes UV, hot stamping, four-color printing, spot color printing, laser, bumping, etc. , But a roll of unhealthy anodized aluminum foil, his color looks relatively dull. First of all, we need to know what the paper box manufacturers are about their hot stamping technology. In fact, to put it plainly, it is to transfer the anodized aluminum foil to the paper surface by pressurization.

Hot stamping is common, but this kind of fine lines are the most likely to happen, so look at these fine lines. One is the strength of the scraping and the effect of the aluminum foil transferred to the paper is not strong. It can be seen that the effect of hot stamping is often recessed. This is the reason. And the manual operation like in the article is only used to verify that the anodized aluminum foil, that is, the hot stamping material, is one of the high-quality methods. After observing the anodized aluminum foil rolls of the paper box manufacturer, I still feel uneasy and can take further action.

A small piece can be cut or Metal Boxes Manufacturers, which can reflect light through reflection, more like an ancient bronze mirror, and is very smooth. Fine lines 2. First recommendation, because his metallic color makes consumers have a high-tech feeling, hot stamping is also often favored by businesses in various industries, but how to distinguish the quality of the hot stamping process? Today I will share 3 tips. 3 The colors of hot stamping are various. The relationship between the two is not proportional. This process mainly observes two points. The fine lines are often the hardest hit areas

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china plastic case box factory

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