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Oprettet 20. April 2020 kl. 02:29
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Everything started when we received a letter RS gold

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20. April 2020 kl. 02:29

Everything started when we received a letter from these odd people. They've found an unusual, portal-like arrangement of layout, engraved with the word'Stormguard'. When I showed it to the specialist, Gee'ka, she flew directly through the ceiling! It appears that'Stormguard' refers a fantastical floating fortress that was once home to the most brilliant of their inventors, to Stormguard Citadel. Just imagine what sort of technology these feathered fabricators worked on!

At the height of the God Wars something terrible happened, and Stormguard Citadel was blasted into bits, leaving no known survivors. At all costs, we have to discover what happened to reduce the great laboratory of Armadyl to a pile of rubble -- and bring closure. It seems that if we choose to move with this excavation, we'll need to have an strategy that is inventive. In case Stormguard Citadel is accessible at all, it is going to be floating a few miles over Gielinor -- and I doubt there'll be a neatly marked path to follow while we're there! I have a plan.

If Stormguard Citadel was behind the technology employed in the God Wars, then I bet we'll find lots of juicy secrets and curious characters. Of particular note is an aviansie scientist called'Howl', who appears in much of the preliminary stuff we've gathered. Our sources tell me that's almost certainly a codename this'Howl' fellow must have been difficult to pin down, even. Is that'Howl's' research involved something called'aetherium', he used to create his'magnum opus' -- what might be, I wonder? The couple excerpts we've managed to gather finish there, but only think of the scientific understanding we can gain by finding the rest! I am almost giddy with glee considering it.

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