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Oprettet 21. May 2020 kl. 04:13
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The straw after infection is put into a 5% coal phenol soap

This method can be used for sterilization. 2. Sample collection and processing requirements 1. Each batch needs to use standard strains for growth tests or biochemical reaction observations. (3) The use of the steam sterilizer of the horizontal pressure cooker is performed according to the following steps: ① Close the pot door, open the intake valve, and introduce steam into the interlayer for preheating. Aseptic operation requirements 1. If it is a medium containing high-heat-resistant substances such as sugars, serum, Gelatin, etc. Requirements for Records and Reports 1.

When inspecting the samples, perform appropriate treatment according to their different traits. Broken the culture, immediately spray and soak the contaminated part with a 5% coal phenol soap solution or phenol solution, and soak it for half an hour before wiping it clean. 1. 5. 3. When using a straw to inoculate the test tube or plate, the tip of the straw must not touch the edge of the test tube or dish. This site is affiliated to Beijing Baiou Bowei Biotechnology Co. After receiving the sample, the inspection room shall register (sample name, unit to be inspected, quantity, date, number, etc. (2)

The removed items should not be used as sterilized items if they are packaged with obvious water immersion. Preparation before sterilization (1) All items that need to be sterilized should be washed and dried first. Containers such as iron and copper should not be used for the culture medium. 6., Ltd. 3. Do not use the method of rapid steam discharge to prevent sudden pressure drop, violent boiling of the liquid or container explosion. (2) The triangular bottle stopper containing the culture medium is wrapped with paper,

the test tube is cryo tubes with a cap, and the syringe must be pulled out of the core and wrapped with gauze. Washed neutral hard glass containers are better. They must not be opened at will. Welcome to visit China Microbial Strain Inquiry Website. ③ When the pressure and temperature of the pot chamber reach the specified value, adjust the intake valve to keep it constant. If necessary, it can be clarified by chicken protein. The straw after infection is put into a 5% coal phenol soap solution or carbolic acid solution after use, soaked for at least 24 hours (the disinfection liquid must not be lower than the soaked height), and then autoclaved at 121 ° C for 30 min.

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