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Oprettet 21. May 2020 kl. 04:29
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They are expensive and most domestic patients cannot bear it

Entering medical insurance, Syringe Mould Manufacturers companies will also be encouraged and supported by various policies to attract the attention, attention and recognition of relevant medical insurance departments.. Therefore, future possible additions should be expected to be carried out within 2 years, when drug companies that have not been included in the catalog will have the opportunity to choose again. The industry trend of 'strong strong Hengqiang' is obvious. With the continuous development of domestic generic drugs, high-quality, Products with better curative effect and medical insurance may 'hang' the original drug company. So, what are the benefits of being included in the medical insurance catalogue?

Why has the industry started a game? First, 'Let's bring goods' is more capable. However, do n’t worry, there are opportunities for medicines not listed in the future! At the press conference on November 28, Xiong Xianjun, director of the Department of Medical Service Management of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, made it clear that the 'National Medical Insurance Bureau will comprehensively consider clinical needs, medical insurance affordability, and the willingness of enterprises to reduce prices' and conduct negotiations again.

This is also the reason why many pharmaceutical companies actively enter medical insurance. A total of 97 drugs have entered the medical insurance catalogue after negotiation, including 70 new drugs. For example, in the popular PD-1 breed negotiations, Merck gave up the opportunity to enter medical insurance. This may be because Merck is in the 'seller's market', so it is unwilling to lower its price to lower prices.

The new version of the National Medical Insurance Drug Catalog Adjustment Negotiations has been announced a few days ago. Although multinational pharmaceutical companies have their own product advantages, they are expensive and most domestic patients cannot bear it. The industry believes that with the continuous development of domestic generic drugs, the future substitution of products will accelerate

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