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Oprettet 29. June 2020 kl. 07:52
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The reverse milling method can reduce the vibration of the machine

in addition to the widespread use of high-speed, high-precision CNC machining equipment, mold manufacturing companies mainly focus on how to choose the appropriate mold CAD/CAM system and improve the mold CNC programming processing level.21. In order to splice all the machining programs of a part on the same machine, part operations can include one or more manufacturing processes. The reverse milling method can reduce the vibration of the machine tool and is generally used for rough machining of parts. 2. 

The choice of feed speed directly affects the quality and efficiency of the processed parts. It consists of a series of machining programs, such as rough machining program, semi-finishing machining program, rooting machining program, finishing machining program, etc. A straight line machining method refers to the two curves selected as the reference curve to give a cutting Then, the ruled lines of the ruled surface formed by these two curves are generated, and then the ruled lines are projected on the surface to be processed.2 NC machining programming process has a high degree of user-friendly menus.  

Zheng Zhifang. This article takes the CATIA-V5CAD/CAM system as an example to introduce the method of mold numerical control programming. The development trend of automotive interior textile fabrics and our countermeasures Gao Anfu. This machining method is particularly suitable for rough and finish machining of parts with rotating surfaces. This is an efficient and high quality tool path.   2

. All the PP Injection Syringe Mould in the icon menu menu are very in line with people's thinking requirements, especially the requirements of manufacturing engineers. In order to realize the three-dimensional numerical control machining of the mold surface, it is necessary to linearly discretize the processed surface. Automobile interior textiles 4 countries Xih textile technology 1999, 0): / Ma Tao nonwoven automotive interior fabric U1 foreign textile technology.

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