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Oprettet 30. June 2020 kl. 02:37
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We will be your partner for success

We are leading injection molding machine manufacturer in Korea.One of the biggest challenges of manufacturers would be cost competition., Ltd.,We are specialized in manufacturing products and equipment' by 3D design and 3D printing facility system. We promise to be a good partner if you need our service. We will be your partner for success. There are other challenges such as delivery and quality, of course.By laying a foundation for strategic production of home appliance products, we will further solidify our reputation as automatic fish feeder Manufacturers a leading company to secure the trust of LG electronics and a dominant position in the automotive industry, which will be an absolute growth factor for our business. We also provide Electronics assembly services in Korea. Quality and delivery have become basic requirements and cost competition is becoming fiercer every day., Ltd. We particularly specialize in manufacturing plastic products and producing core parts for LG Electronics' vacuum cleaners, air-conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, automotive parts, and ship parts.Therefore, we have established a reasonable production system to secure competitiveness. We offer 50MM capacity Hankook maker Polyurethane Foaming Machine.NAMJIN Co Ltd leading PU Foaming Machine manufacturer in Korea., Ltd.With ceaseless creativity and challenge, our name, Namjin Co. We offer 100 TON, 220 TON, 350 TON Hyundai Toshiba Meiki marker injection molding machine. ., a reliable service provider.We are specialized in product and equipment development with 3D design and 3D printing facility systems., will certainly be remembered in the hearts of customers, founded on our slogan to 'provide a higher level of service in every aspect, including quality assurance, technology development, competitive prices, quality excellence, and timely supply, for customer satisfaction'. We also manufacture core parts for LG electronics vacuum cleaner, air-conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, automotive parts and ship parts.We are specialized in manufacturing plastic products, electronics core parts with 3D design and 3D printing system.Polyurethane Foaming Machine | Injection Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer Namjin Co. We develop and produce extruded parts and products with PU expansion facilities, blow molding facilities, carbon fiber, and super-fiber coating facilities

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