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Oprettet 9. July 2020 kl. 06:31
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Beauty industry is increasingly demanding for inclusiveness and representativeness

The Plastic Cosmetic Jars Manufacturers reason she believes is: 'The audience's exposure and connection through the Internet. In terms of products, the Indian beauty industry is increasingly demanding for inclusiveness and representativeness, and Indian beauty consumers are more outspoken in expressing what they want when communicating with brands. Sephora entered the Indian market with great fanfare in 2015, but it did not fully capture the needs of Indian consumers. In India, L'Oreal first acquired Mumbai's skincare brand Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals in 2013 and has been looking for acquisitions in the Indian skin and cosmetics market. The L'Oreal Group said that the two areas of skin and cosmetics are still in their infancy in India, and there are still many opportunities here

Tide brand economic search volume exceeded 300 million times, the transaction value of goods increased by 185% Remember the event that UNIQLO KAWS joint name was robbed some time ago? A T-shirt worth 99 yuan, I do n’t know how many delicate “pigs” 'Pig Boy' and 'Pig Girl' went crazy. This is also consistent with the consumption habits of the new generation of Internet users to a certain extent.2% of users have paid behavior, with an average payment amount of 647 yuan. According to data from iResearch, 18

The high-end cosmetics and active beauty departments have a significant driving role. Previously, the brand began appointing a brand ambassador in China in 2018, at the time Han Xue. Public information shows that Helena was founded in Australia in 1902, acquired by L'Oreal in 1988, and entered China in 2000. During the promotion in China, Helena has not appointed a brand spokesperson. In the opinion of analysts, the three stars were chosen to cover the three generations of the young, middle and young.. At the same time, Hua Chenyu,

Ren Jiaxuan and Zhong Chuhong were invited to act as the ambassadors for the three single products and launched Tmall Brand Day. It is understood that Helena positioning luxury beauty brand, is a high-end skin care products under L'Oreal Group. It is understood that this is the first Tmall Super Brand Day launched for Helena. In fiscal 2018, L'Oreal Group's sales growth and operating profit margins reached record highs

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