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Oprettet 9. July 2020 kl. 07:36
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The flexible graphite reinforced composite gasket

As a new material, Different Size Graphite Electrode has been highly valued and widely used in the field of sealing. The birth of flexible graphite declares the end of the old-fashioned era in the field of chemical sealing.  

Fourth, easy and fast to use. Work under high temperature, high pressure or radiation conditions, without decomposition, deformation or aging, chemical stability. Flexible graphite does not contain harmful ingredients to human body, but asbestos products are harmful to human body and can also pollute the environment. Compared with asbestos gaskets, flexible graphite has the following obvious advantages:   

First, no radiation and no pollution. Loose and porous, full of elasticity. Some chemical towers, heat exchangers, etc. As a high-quality material, graphite has been generally recognized in the international market, and has been widely used in various fields. Among the high-tech products recommended by the State Planning Commission below, there are new types of seals. However, in China, because some users believe that the one-time purchase cost of flexible graphite seals is higher than that of slate products, many small and medium-sized chemical companies still use slate products to this day, causing 'running, running, dripping, and leakage'. Even if the chemical equipment is melted, it is still safe. The gasket factor of flexible graphite is only half of that of asbestos products, that is to say, to achieve the same sealing effect, the force of tightening the screws can be much smaller.  

With the further maturity and development of the market, graphite sealing products will inevitably completely replace other sealing products. It becomes thermally conductive like cotton, overcomes the shortcomings of brittleness, and thus shows good sealing. The field gradually dominates. In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic chemical industry and other industries, the products are also exported to the United States , Germany, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom and hundreds of countries and regions around the world, the response is good. The flexible graphite reinforced composite gasket can withstand a high temperature of 1650°C. In addition to the above-mentioned obvious characteristics, flexible graphite also has the characteristics of excellent sealing performance, compressibility, good elasticity, and oxidation resistance.  


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Zhouhua graphite electrode FOR EAF

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