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Oprettet 14. July 2020 kl. 03:58
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This cooperation with Macau University of Science

The wind resistance rating of container houses is 11 and the earthquake resistance rating is Class D, which is undoubtedly safe! And the shipping container is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, can be used many times, and it is in line with the country’s The environmental protection concept of energy saving, emission reduction and recycling,' said the head of Macau University of Science and Technology. This container house project has also created new ones for the further popularization of the temporary construction industry.In 2016, at the Macau University of Science and Technology, architects cleverly used the variability of container houses to combine architectural aesthetic theory with pragmatism to build a functional area covering offices, cafes, restaurants, arts and crafts showrooms, and toilets.

This cooperation also allows those who are engaged in the temporary construction business to once again see the improvement of domestic companies' independent design capabilities and the enhancement of practical operation hard strength. With a functional area, the sturdy characteristics of the cube can well resist the erosion of the typhoon, and the intricate aesthetic form is in line with the mentality of college students to pursue individuality.

With the advent of the digital and information era, more and more excellent architects use new technologies and computer applications to participate in the design of temporary construction projects, whether from the aesthetics of craftsmanship or the coordination of the relationship between cities and people, these new technologies The changes brought by the application to the Linjian industry Toilet Containers Manufacturers are very forward-looking. For us, this is not simply to build a few studios, a cafe, display Halls and toilets are more about creating a spiritual field that belongs to everyone. '

This cooperation with Macau University of Science and Technology is a challenge for both parties. This container transformation is not only a commemorative reform of Macau University of Science and Technology and Environmental Science and Technology Co. Samples and success stories!.'

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