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Oprettet 3. August 2020 kl. 08:32
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It is not worth unlocking much past the auction house

If I desired (or as well as I can get) J Kidd, T-Mac/Klay, Hedo, Shaq, Dwight H - what should I be doing to save up enough to receive them? I'd begin with doing the spotlight series for J Kidd and Dwight's very first games. Not worth the time to evo up them much, but it is NBA 2K21 MT going to provide you those gamers if you care about them to begin. I'd then recommend doing the Kobe weekly challenge to provide you a lot of tokens and some MT and punching from the Kobe diamond locker code. I recommend looking through finals spotlight, the historic spotlight Sims, and all time spotlight to find out if you attention. You are each given an opal by the Finals/All time although the show is completed by you, but might be difficult if your team is a overall when you first start. Others may give better guidance, but there's a cheap Kidd Opal (30kish). Tmac/Klay/Hedo/Shaq all have costly opals. Many have pink diamond options which are fantastic cards for offline (example.the PD Shaq is a true-to-life Shaq who's a monster down low but can not shoot. The opals can shoot 3s). Great luck! Every one of these men (besides Dwight) have Amethyst/Diamond cards which needs to be usable and very affordable. You could likely liven up a variant of all those men for some fun offline! The 2nd greatest Dwight in NBA 2K is your free one I mentioned, so may be worth evo'ing up him some to remain on your squad! I understand the prices change, but how much MT would you estimate will be able to get the GOAT collector trophy? It is not worth unlocking much past the auction house. Theres another opal wade and probably opal ad soon. The rest of it's not worthwhile really. I figured it wasnt worth it im just curious MT to get the trophy. Thinking of possibly doing the plat. It is going to take a great deal of grinding. For the reward players. I'm going after it just and too hit 750 cards now and I have touched the Current Series 1 and 2 cards. I did buy NBA 2K throughout the earnings. After the NBA shut down I started playing. I had been at 1200 cards like playing with and catch opal players and I am beginning to sell everything I. Looks like we're in the same position. Good luck on Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins the mill. I am currently about the Diamond tier in Token Rewards and still have a lot of challenges. I pulled a few shit I have spent and when I get close I'd sell them to get MT that is enough to find the rest of the cards I want.

It is not worth unlocking much past the auction house

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