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Oprettet 4. August 2020 kl. 09:43
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This is why magazine-print media will play a more important role

Your promotion NONWOVEN face mask suppliers establishes your company image-your brand, and helps your company and products open for sale. social media? Frankly speaking, everyone is overloaded with information, and our social media channels are just flooded with useless information-it is difficult to penetrate and find the real facts-you cannot attract effective attention. The magazines generate real leads through our Buye r ACCESS service. Potential buyers—engineers, designers, production and purchasing managers, and senior management— —

All hope to obtain reliable content from a source they truly trust. Through our ACCESS buyer inquiry service, the magazine brings real sales leads. Therefore, let us work with you to ensure that your information penetrates the 'noise' and reaches the key decision makers. Now is the time to show the strength of your brand to your stakeholders, not only in China, but also in your international market-your overseas customers. Ringier Industrial Media. Of course, our range of digital marketing services such as industry newsletters, webinars , Electronic direct mail, and video marketing are all respected by their sources, so they are trusted by users. In addition, we will increase the average circulation of all magazines by at least 10% in the next 3-4 months to make up for the lack of exhibition.

They want RE ASSURANCES from their suppliers that your business is running as usual and that you are there for them -not only in China but globally. Magazine-Your information will be delivered to your target customers on time. Your advertisement and each issue of the magazine are fully interactive-link back to your online showroom or company website-again generating more clues. This is why magazine-print media will play a more important role.

Ringier Trade Media has been publishing some of China's most authoritative industrial magazines for over 20 years- the business communities we serve trust the source- the content and they respond very positively to the companies who advertise their products /technology/services in the pages of the magazine-Your page builds your company image-your brand-it SELLS your company and products.Dear business partners, these are no doubt difficult times-yet as has happened on several occasions in the past-it will come to an end sooner than later and business will rebound -and then some due to the pent-up

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Dongyu Nonwoven face mask

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