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Oprettet 12. August 2020 kl. 09:10
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The advanced nature of the filter material low-damage

The advanced 3-Layer Face Mask company of water-repellent, oil-repellent, anti-oxidation and hydrolysis functional finishing is reflected in the resin full-coated finishing can improve the overall effect of dust removal, the specific strength reaches 4.2cN/den, the length>11000m, and the fiber width of the membrane split <16μm, the fiber content>60%., Ltd. pointed out in the 'Key Preparation Technology and Industrialization of High-Performance Filter Media' report that the advanced technology of PPS fiber anti-oxidation and high-temperature modification preparation is demonstrated at an oxidation induction temperature of 484℃., Ltd.998%, and the dust stripping rate is 94.

The heat resistance of the needle punched filter material is 1090N in normal temperature, 1125N in 24h at 220℃, and 1084N in 48h at 220℃. Membrane and other characteristics; high-efficiency PTFE filter membrane preparation technology has the characteristics of high expansion, controllable pore size, high uniformity, etc., Ltd.636N/(g/m2), the dust removal efficiency is 99. The Secretary-General of the Filtration and Separation Textile Branch of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association and Professor Liu Jingxian from Northeastern University introduced the ultra-fine wet fine filter surface in the report 'Spunlace filter material based on ultra-fine wet fine filter surface' The innovative points of the spunlace filter material: the fiber diameter of the superfine fiber surface layer can be less than 1μm; the wet-laid web makes the web more uniform and the net weight is smaller, which solves the problem of difficult carding of superfine fiber; water

The thorn reinforcement can significantly reduce the pore size of the filter material and improve the efficiency of capturing fine particles; the fiber diameter of the surface layer can be smaller, making the dust-facing surface layer denser, with higher trapping efficiency and better dust removal performance; the bottom coarse fiber is used as support, The mechanical strength and service life of the filter material are fully guaranteed;

The advanced nature of the filter material low-damage needle-punched tangled composite technology is demonstrated by the use of elliptical needles and new type of needle-punched tangled technology to enhance the strength retention rate of the base fabric> 85%. Wang Fei, Vice Minister o, proposed the innovative structure design of 'three-dimensional asymmetric' filter material in the report '

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