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Oprettet 13. August 2020 kl. 07:57
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The high characteristics greatly enhance the life

When the continuous casting is cut off, the remaining cast slab length is judged, and the cast slab that is not enough to the fixed-length length is processed for the tail billet until the end of production. The ball-touching type mainly uses the conductivity of the casting billet, but the ball-touching is very easy to oxidize in a high temperature environment, the contact is unreliable, and the connecting wire is easily damaged.  

System configuration The control system adopts Siemens S7-400 PLC, and the remote I/O station adopts Siemens ET200M. After the length measurement, the cast slab reaches the torch cutting machine, and the slab is cut to a fixed length by the torch cutting machine. In terms of network configuration, the upper computer and PLC are connected through 100Mbps industrial Ethernet, and data exchange is realized through TCP/IP protocol. In the cutting zone, the cast slab is measured again on the roller table before cutting. The communication between PLC and remote I/O and frequency converter is realized through Profibus-DP network

In the production of modern building materials, the mold has become an important process equipment to reduce production costs and increase productivity. Therefore, to vigorously develop the mold industry, it is imperative to develop new mold materials. Until recent years, with the acceleration of infrastructure construction, building materials molds have gradually gained attention, but the entire mold industry

There are generally China Medical Device Mould suppliers of fewer varieties, low precision, short life, and long cycle. At the same time, the relative bonding surface between them is quite large, which results in low plasticity, high hardness, and surface smoothness. The high characteristics greatly enhance the life and accuracy of the mold. It is estimated that the production of building materials in the future will be large-scale and highly automated mold production

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