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Oprettet 15. August 2020 kl. 03:50
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Mut 21 Coins

Is it as polished as madden beta. Idk if you have ever engaged in a beta before or not though. Otherwise, I'd say Mut 21 Coins felt approximately 75% polished. My judgment is: departure: the most realistic and fluid I've seen in years. Where the WR will allow the ball hit them in the head but that will be patched there hangs. Precision passing seems fine tuned because the speed of the ball now also affects like throws and you may hit on NFL against windows, and the user LB is nerfed. They kept on more often, only time that I fell them was once I got crushed as I grabbed the pass. Run zone spamming that is inside is lowkey dead. You may get a yards. DL shed so and is responsive for this. Not many times did fill the hole using a LB and I actually have to come up. Strechs are somewhat more realistic runners can pick up decent yardage but you have to use the skill stick to do no simply running around the edge, you need to work for it. Read choices might be the meta tbh, however, your success depends on you mastering the ability stick. The skill stick is imo. My runners were quite receptive to it and the combos you can pull off are nasty. Open field is were the skill gap is gont reveal. As it up to you breaking down and guessing to get the tackle. CPUs ankles, on the other hand were turned off a combo that was fantastic.The question is does mut have to cost money, such as whatsoever? It ought to be another game mode if you want to, to grind out. $60 for this hot garbage as a buy cost is ridiculous since it stands, using in game buys beyond that (that is not purely makeup, we're a-ok with decorative micro transactions) is criminal. People today wish to compete online and they are prepared to pay to do so if it helps them win. The average market value for one of the top FUT teams at some competitions recently were valued at about $27,000. Some of these are players that are professional and you also tubers or actors or whatever. All I am saying is if you have someone ready to invest $600 on ultimate staff packs, if-so facto that essentially means they could let 10 franchise only suckers walk away and why would they bat a watch? This is not emphasized enough, you can fucking golf at mara lago for less annually, this catering to whales must end. Madden 21 is shilled. There are legends about the value of particular items in certain games, whatever you might locate a boat worth 10k in real life money or for example eve online. The matter is that's not a door like madden is, as soon as you buy it, it's yours for as long as you want it to be. Madden varies next to nothing from year to year and people think there is worth in dropping cash that is serious. This must be criminal money laundering scheme. Adding 3v3 in online franchise mode could be a easy win for EA to earn some hope from their player base that is non-UT back. Think about this for a second and it all becomes apparent what their motives are. Until we kill loot box card packs you can expect EA to Buy Madden 21 Coins withhold innovation. UT Squads is more work than it would be to have franchise style. There is no excuse aside from exploiting players for the additional $. Eah but that's that's how EA is able to price out contest for rights to things like the NFL and winners league and where the money is at. I really don't agree with it but from a business standpoint it makes sense that is 100%. Unless we get a huge number of people to quit purchasing packs or can get team outlawed this really is the future.

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