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Oprettet 24. August 2020 kl. 02:03
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Opinion of Archtypes entering MUT Madden 21

The matter is that ultimate team does not have injuries which in life that is actual is for taking hits the risk, and Mut 21 Coins it is the most important reason that QBs slide. As a result of this, EA should find something else to be the risk for not slipping or operating out of boundaries, so they turned into the fumble sliders up into an unrealistic amount in order to equilibrium QB scrambles. I certainly believe they should fumble more than rbs no doubt. However it needs to be realistic. Cam newton took some big hits. Lamar has been handled tiime and a time and keeps it. Im not saying they need to be proof but at least 50%of backs. I agree they ought to fumble far less that they currently do. Maybe if they take a hit that there might be a large endurance reduction that contributes to a greater chance for an inaccurate throw onto another play in a means that is actually noticeable. Scrambling need to be more balanced to compensate for the shortage of accidents, but I don't feel that fumbles should be the means that it is done. They need to have it like when a linebacker hit sticks em it ought to be a like fumble chance that is 90%. I see no reason why in real life a QB was slammed by a huge linebacker it's not gonna become a fumble/injury. You cant youre getting ejected or tee on a qb either.. If you think about it, now more than ever there is less risk running as a qb compared to yrs pasts. I know there should be risk involved on the sport, however fumbling of the time is silly. They might have Buy Madden 21 Coins a cumulative effect for recurrent hits. It could lower awareness, carrying, accuracy, and THP marginally over time. As the qb was hit on by a broncos fan seeing the shield was awesome. 3 large and qbs and none have been enjoying nicely by end of those matches.

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