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Oprettet 27. August 2020 kl. 06:36
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This series of high-speed brushless motors have self-developed patents

This series of high-speed brushless motors have self-developed patents, and the speed can reach 110,000 rpm, which continuously promotes strong airflow. To To To Technical parameters of OT-EFS2831 high-speed brushless motor (for reference only, please contact Wanda for detailed parameters): Speed ​​(high-speed gear): 110000;10% Power (high speed gear): 125;10%W Current (high speed gear): 1.

The traditional old-fashioned, bulky and small-volume hair dryers are gradually being replaced by new lightweight and large-volume hair dryers, and the core component of this revolution---electricity High-speed brushless motors for blowing have increasingly become an indispensable demand for smart electric home products. And if the speed is 100,000 rpm, the sound frequency produced by the motor=100000/60*11=18333Hz. When the number of blades of the high-speed brushless motor is 13 and the speed reaches 110,000, the sound frequency generated by the operation is=110000/60*13=23833Hz. To To To In daily life, the upper limit of the sound frequency that the human ear can hear is 20000 Hz.

The hair can be dried quickly at low temperature, which overturns the experience of high-temperature drying of traditional hair dryers.Since Dyson entered the field of hair dryers, hair dryers have entered a period of historical change. The 110,000-rpm high-speed brushless motor self-developed by Wanda Motor continuously promotes the strong air flow while minimizing noise Wholesale Blower Motors pollution. The frequency of the sound generated by the 110,000-rpm high-speed brushless motor has exceeded the audible line of the human ear, so the noise will be significantly reduced.

 In addition, the high-speed brushless motor is small in size, and the sunken air inlet can be used when designing the hair dryer to solve the embarrassment and danger of hair being drawn into the hair dryer for girls with long hair.05A MAX Air volume (high gear): 14L/s. It can be seen that the sound produced by a 100,000-rotation motor is within the range of human ears, which will make people feel too noisy. The unique structural design and performance of the high-speed brushless motor OT-EFS2831 series designed and produced by Shenzhen Wanzhida Motor Manufacturing Co. can just meet the current market demand for high-speed motors.

 At the same time, the air inlet is equipped with a detachable filter, which can be cleaned at any time to prevent flocs from clogging the air duct, ensuring smooth air intake and long-lasting wind. With the blessing of external airflow multiplication technology, the wind speed of the air outlet can reach 58m/s. The airflow is strong, and dry hair naturally does not require too much heat

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