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Oprettet 3. September 2020 kl. 09:34
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The effect of electronic products will use micro-vibration motors

It is not an exaggeration to say that as long as it needs vibration The effect of electronic products will use micro-vibration motors. Precautions for using micro vibration motor: If it is a micro motor used for mobile phone vibration, when designing the rated voltage, try to be close to the working voltage of the mobile phone circuit.

 For example, silicone facial cleansers, massagers, adult products, electric toothbrushes, mobile phones and other products can see micro-vibration motors. It can be fixed with a rubber sleeve to avoid it, but it should not affect the vibration output of the micro motor, otherwise the vibration feeling will decrease. When the micro motor is running, the center mass point of the eccentric wheel is not on the rotation center of the motor, so that the micro motor will continue to be out of balance..

 Motor mainly develops and produces micro-motors. The effect wholesale Air conditioning fan motor Manufacturers produces vibration, and the higher the speed, the greater the vibration frequency. To To To So how does the vibration motor achieve the vibration effect? We know that micro DC motors are operated by electrical energy to generate mechanical energy, but this operation is only a rotating process and cannot produce vibration.

At this time, we need to install an eccentric wheel on the shaft of the micro motor. As the market has higher and higher requirements for micro-vibration motors, Wanzhida Motor's research and development of vibration motors The road has never stopped. It has been widely praised by customers in the application of micro-vibration motors. This can improve the overall performance of the micro motor;

If the load output voltage of the micro-vibration motor drops significantly, it will affect the vibration intensity, so the control module should be designed with a small impedance as the standard; When installing the motor, the gap should not be too large, otherwise it will produce vibration and noise.Micro-vibration motors are widely used in our lives

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