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Plastic bottle mould/mold
Oprettet 11. September 2020 kl. 02:27
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Mold quickly catching up

In the past, the Japanese mold industry has always led the world, but now China and South Korea have become major mold exporters. Japan has not yet lost to China and South Korea in terms of high-precision mold requirements, but the mold industry is strengthened as a national policy. It is very likely to pose a threat to Japan.   The secret that China is Chinese Household mould/mold quickly catching up with Japan, a major exporter of metal molds, lies in its completely different mold manufacturing methods. China's implementation of flow operations through crowded tactics has made mass production of metal molds possible. Will Chinese molds threaten Japan's status?    According to statistics from the Economic Research Institute of Japan Machinery Promotion Association, China's metal mold exports in 2012 were 3.3 billion US dollars, approaching Japan's 3.7 billion US dollars. Although Japan is nearly twice as much as China in terms of exports minus imports in terms of 'net exports', there are still views that it is only a matter of time before China becomes the world's largest exporter of metal molds.   'The way of thinking about metal molds is completely different', the Japanese technicians who visited China's large metal mold factories could not hide their surprise. In the huge factory, thousands of workers are divided into jobs according to the design, component production, assembly, testing and adjustment processes. It is this kind of mass production plant that supports the rapid growth of China's metal mold production.  In contrast, Japanese metal molds are produced by small and medium factories. Among the approximately 8,000 metal mold manufacturers in Japan, small, medium and micro enterprises with less than 10 employees account for more than 70%. All-round technicians continue to sharpen their engraving skills and make the molds one by one. The process shared by 10 people in China is handled by one person in Japan.   The advantage of Chinese-style crowded tactics is that they can be posted in a short time. However, there are also many disadvantages. Since only work can be divided, it is impossible to master the engraving technology, and the turnover rate of employees is also high. No company in China can produce molds with an accuracy of 1/100 mm, and companies like this are everywhere in Japan. According to industry evaluations, metal molds produced in China are '70% of Japan's price. But the quality is only 70% of Japan's.'

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