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Oprettet 15. September 2020 kl. 07:50
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Mass production and processing of cosmetic patterns

Nowadays in the Cosmetic PP Jars Manufacturers, UV flatbed printers are playing an increasingly important role, especially the printing advantage of personalized customization. Product customization is the key to impress consumers at first glance. In recent years, in response to consumers’ increasing demand for “high-value appearance”, more and more cosmetic manufacturers have begun to try to use UV printing technology to innovate the appearance and structural design of containers.
Cosmetic packaging box

1. The UV printer used in the cosmetics industry does not require plate-making and prints quickly and at low cost. Various image output software can be used to output full-color images. At the same time, it can be upgraded to white color varnish at one time, which fully achieves the quality effect of concave and convex photos, and the picture is vivid.
Various pattern customization

2. Traditional manual printing often encounters the problem of positional deviation. Now UV color printing technology can avoid material deviation such as printing rolls. The system software can achieve automatic correction and compensation functions, and can accurately align the printing needs Cosmetic box area and location.

3. Mass production and processing of cosmetic patterns, as long as the design drafts (pictures, photos) are input into the computer, a large number of colors can be printed with one manual operation, which saves labor costs and is convenient and quick.

4. In the past two years, the advent of the UV guide belt machine has solved the advantages of integrated printing of rolls and sheets. Not only is the printing material unlimited, but also saves equipment costs and space occupation. In addition to printing personalized packaging, UV flatbed printers can also print on leather, glass, wood and other materials, and can also print on cylindrical tubes, wine bottles, cosmetics/gift boxes, lighters, luggage, shoes, helmets High drop printing inkjet with other materials, the effect is very good.

In short, the application of uv flatbed printers in the cosmetics industry has brought unexpected surprises, whether it is production process or labor cost.

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