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Oprettet 16. September 2020 kl. 09:07
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The use of preheated air burners reduces the amount of fuel needed

The high-speed mixing granulator adopts a horizontal cylindrical structure with a reasonable structure. The air-filled seal drive shaft can be switched to water when cleaning. Fluidized granulation, the granulation is approximately spherical, with good fluidity. Compared with the traditional process, the adhesive is reduced by 25% and the drying time is shortened. Each batch is dry-mixed for 2 minutes and granulated for 1-4 minutes. The work efficiency is increased by 4-5 times compared with the traditional process. Completed in the same closed container, dry mixing-wet mixing-granulation, process reduction, in line with GMP specifications, the entire operation also has strict safety protection measures.  

High-speed mixing granulator is very convenient to use, but the heat loss during use has always been relatively large. Therefore, we must take corresponding measures to reduce related consumption, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also increase overall economic benefits. According to industry insiders, there are generally two ways to reduce heat loss: avoiding the overload of the high-speed mixing pelletizer and optimizing heat transfer, but a more effective method is to strictly control the fuel-air ratio, and the operation is close to the fuel-air ratio, which can also control fuel consumption. The existing control equipment can usually be used for maintenance. The main operations are as follows:   

1. Direct heat recovery products. If the exhaust gas leaving the high temperature part can enter the relatively cold feed load, the energy will be transferred to the preheating load, which reduces the energy exhausted by the exhaust pipe, which can effectively use the waste heat in the exhaust gas.  

2. Use waste heat Automatic Assembly Machine Of Disposable Syringe to preheat the combustion air. This is often used in medium and high temperature industrial furnaces. The use of preheated air burners reduces the amount of fuel needed to meet the process heat requirements. Preheating combustion air requires a heat exchanger or regeneration.   3. Waste heat boiler. Fluidized granulator manufacturers introduced that using waste heat boilers to recover part of the waste gas heat is a choice that requires steam or hot water. Waste heat boilers are similar to traditional boilers with one exception. They are heated by the waste gas stream in the high-speed mixing granulator. Not your own burner.

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