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Oprettet 17. September 2020 kl. 07:42
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The rubber support is generally installed on the frame

Therefore, it is automotive bearing manufacturers used to increase system damping or use dynamic vibration absorbers to reduce vibration response. Conclusion With the improvement of people's requirements for the performance of construction machinery, the traditional vibration reduction technology is increasingly unable to meet the requirements, and it is imperative to adopt new vibration reduction technology. These unbalanced forces and moments can usually be adjusted by changing the design parameters of the engine results to adjust the natural frequency of the system to avoid structural resonance and improve the resonance characteristics of the system.. It can provide greater damping in the low frequency range, and can quickly attenuate the large-scale vibration of the engine. Engine is the main vibration source of construction machinery.

The vibration isolation effect mainly depends on its nonlinear hysteresis characteristics. 1. When the vibration is transmitted to the damping material, deformation such as stretching, bending, and shearing occurs in the material, which consumes a large amount of vibration energy and makes Vibration attenuation.

The dynamic vibration absorber belongs to the control of the squeezing frequency band, and the viscoelastic damping material has a high energy loss. 3. The main advantages of using damping technology to reduce vibration are that there is no need to change the original structure, no additional auxiliary equipment, no external energy source, and less effective space. System engineering ideas should be run through the overall design, and modern design methods should be fully applied, such as finite source design, reliability design, robust design, optimized design, computer-aided design, and intelligent systems And expert system design.

The rubber support is generally installed on the frame, and is divided into compression type, shear type and compression shear composite type according to the force. Vibration source control Vibration source control runs through the entire process of design, manufacturing and even use, and is reflected in such things as improving the balance performance of the engine, dynamic performance, and machining and assembly accuracy of parts. It is a promising measure for vibration and noise reduction. In the future,

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