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Oprettet 17. September 2020 kl. 08:45
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Industry personnel should also actively contribute ideas

Nowadays, complete sets of industrial robot automation production line equipment has become the mainstream of automation equipment, and the popularization of domestic robots is a matter of time.For a long time, people have been concentrating on researching intelligent robots that can replace humans in high-risk fields. From this perspective, machine tool manufacturing and robot manufacturing technology are very closely related

The breathable sheet on the market is composed of epoxy resin filled with aluminum particles. The principle is the same as that of metal casting.  ⑤Resin-filled shell metal spraying mold.. Due to the spraying method, the surface is coarse sand. It is more suitable to use steel. Note that the intrinsic mold cannot be painted. The bottom and back of the mold are coated with a layer of resin, then filled with porous material or attached to the mold with a sheet, and then the sheet is filled to cure it.  ③The resin surface is cast and molded. The thickness of the nickel layer is about 2mm

Driven by the tool market, the market demand for tool molds in my country will inevitably be improved. Promote the development of the domestic mold industry to a large extent. The huge market demand is an important factor in the prosperity and development of my country's tool industry. Under the stimulation of consumption, my country's tool production scale is expanding.On the whole, the development of hardware tools in my country is booming, and the molding process of molds is required in the process of tool making, which is of great medical treatment mould suppliers benefit to my country's mold industry.. I believe that in the near future, the domestic mold industry will surely reach a higher level.

Industry personnel should also actively contribute ideas and suggestions, and jointly contribute their own strength for the future development of the industry. Furthermore, the thermal development of my country's hardware tools is inseparable from its strong market demand. However, for the domestic mold industry, it is still necessary to continue to work hard, continue to work hard on the technology, quality and the overall quality of the employees, and take a variety of ways to promote the development of the industry

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