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Oprettet 21. September 2020 kl. 04:35
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The aquatic aeration fan should be turned on in time until the fish recovers normally

Do you know what are the device requirements for aquatic aerators? Let me talk to you: Open the aerator for 1-2 hours at noon on a sunny day to give full play to the functions of aerator, aeration, and aeration, promote the oxidation and differentiation of harmful substances in the water, discharge harmful gases, and add dissolved oxygen. Reduce feed coefficient, improve fish pond activity and primary productivity.

When patrolling the pond, it is found that the fish activities are abnormal, the food intake is reduced, and there are traces of floating heads, and the aquatic aeration fan should be turned on in time until the fish recovers normally. Aquatic oxygen aerators generally rely on their own air pumps to drive air into the water to complete the intention of adding oxygen to the water. Improve water quality and prevent floating hair. Aeration Roots blowers for aquaculture solve the problem of fish floating heads caused by lack of oxygen in pond aquaculture..

When it comes to aquaculture aeration Roots blower, I believe everyone is familiar with it. At the same time, it can also suppress the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the water and prevent the water from changing to threaten the living environment of the fish. The installation of aquatic aeration fans in the aquaculture industry can solve the hypoxic floating head phenomenon of fish, shrimp and crabs. The aerator should be turned on early in the middle of the night and the boot time should be long. If it rains heavily, turn on the aerator in the middle of the night to increase oxygen in time to prevent floating heads. Avoid starting at noon on rainy days, which may cause floating heads.

But be careful not to switch on at dusk. During the breeding process, the startup and operation time should be sensitively controlled according to the specific conditions and the rules of dissolved oxygen in the water body, so as to achieve reasonable use, save costs, and increase production and efficiency. Its function is to add the oxygen content in the water to Plastic Shrimp Feeder Machinery ensure that the fish in the water will not be hypoxic.Aquatic aerators are indispensable equipment in the aquaculture industry. In case of large temperature difference, switch on the machine in time.

Aquatic aerator is a kind of machine often used in fishery industry. Do you all understand the above introduction? Thank you for your support and encouragement. At dawn, the aerator can be opened appropriately to add dissolved oxygen. Hypoxia is easy to form. It does not turn on after sunrise. Now the aquaculture industry uses aeration Roots blowers to eliminate harmful gases, promote convective exchange of water bodies, and improve water quality conditions. Summer and autumn are the peak seasons for fish growth.

Improve fish pond activity and primary productivity, which can increase the stocking density, increase the feeding intensity of the breeding objects, promote growth, greatly increase the yield per mu, and fully achieve the purpose of increasing the income of breeding. During the day, the water temperature is high, the fish activity is large, and the oxygen consumption is high. If the weather is hot, the boot should be extended properly. Many customers who have used aeration Roots blower know its wide range of uses. On cloudy and rainy days, the photosynthesis of phytoplankton is weak, and the floating head is prone to hypoxia

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