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Oprettet 22. October 2020 kl. 04:07
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AC and DC dual-purpose series motor and electromagnetic vibration type

If it is only for shaving, I think the smaller the vibration, the Air Purifier Motors Suppliers more comfortable it is. According to the type of prime mover, it can be divided into three types: DC permanent magnet motor, AC and DC dual-purpose series motor and electromagnetic vibration type. But with the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for electric shavers are getting higher and higher.

We mainly improved the shaver motor from the following aspects: In response to the above needs, Shenzhen Wanzhida Motor has continuously optimized and improved the shaver motor to bring new life to old products. Adhere to the dynamic balance of each razor motor to ensure that the motor is in the most balanced state when rotating, reducing vibration and noise. Electric shavers are classified into rotary and reciprocating types according to the blade action mode. Make bearings and shafts more conformable and reduce noise. The shaver motor of Wanda Motor effectively controls the above problems. While we require it to work efficiently, we also hope that it can bring us a more pleasant shaving experience..If there is a manual one, there will be an electric one, and so does the shaver.

As the name suggests, an electric razor is a personal care appliance that uses electricity to drive a blade to trim beards or sideburns. Ensure that the friction gap between the bearing and the shaft is smaller, and the abnormal sound and the change of the sound are reduced. Vibration massage is enjoyment. The 180 motors on the market generally have problems such as large noise, abnormal sound, sound change, and large vibration. At present, most of the motors used in razors are still 180 motors.

Third, less vibration. Change bearing material and shape. Second, lower noise. Insist on using high-quality, high-finish, precision stainless steel shafts with an outer diameter tolerance of less than 3um. First, lower power consumption, no need to charge frequently. When shaving, the lower the noise, the more comfortable we feel. The electric shaver is an essential daily 'beauty' tool for every man, and its convenience makes every man extremely happy

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