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Oprettet 22. October 2020 kl. 07:04
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The hydrostatic bearing relies on static pressure

This standard is suitable for metallurgy, heavy, mining and other machinery and equipment in the thin oil circulating lubrication system Thin oil lubrication device, the working medium viscosity grade is N22-N460 industrial lubricating oil, and the circulating cooling device adopts tubular cooler. The key to the composition of the oil-air lubrication system is the oil-air mixer and the oil-air distributor. The pressure ranges of the above main lubricating components are 10MPa, 20MPa, and 40MPa, of which 20MPa and 40MPa are products produced by imported technology from abroad, produced by Taiyuan Lubrication Equipment Factory and Shanghai Lubrication Equipment Factory.

Then use hydrochloric acid (mass fraction) 10-15%, urotropine (mass fraction) 1%, soak or wash for 20-30 minutes, the solution temperature is 40-50 ℃, and then wash with warm water. c. Therefore, the lubrication characteristics of oil film bearings are mixed lubrication in which the above three conditions alternate.  (2)

During the operation of the rolling mill, mixed lubrication may occur due to vibration, excessive water intake, insufficient oil supply, or oil quality problems. The fluid friction conditions can be guaranteed when starting, braking, reversing or even at rest.63MPa; the filtration accuracy is low and the viscosity is 0.  (2) Superior anti-emulsification performance (ie water separation), which can quickly separate the water in the oil during long-term use. Installation and maintenance of common lubrication equipment for rolling mills  

(1) Equipment long life bearing carefully review the lubrication device, lubrication device and mechanical equipment pipe layout drawings, review the foundation drawings, and confirm the connection and installation relationship before installation. Oil-air lubrication has a better effect than oil-mist lubrication. When a small amount of water is mixed into the oil during operation, an oil film can still be formed to maintain heavy load and anti-wear performance. The hydrostatic bearing relies on static pressure to make the journal float in the bearing. It relies on the flow of compressed air to send oil to the lubrication point along the pipeline.  

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